The Mind Squared Design team's years of experience in graphic design, color, digital imagery, photography, and web technologies are the foundation of our service. We are equally comfortable in working on small static content pages as well as large, dynamic, database driven websites. Our experiences include many of the most recent web technologies like Macromedia Flash, media streaming, content management systems, image galleries, and online storefronts. Mind Squared Design would like to join your team to create a truly unique web experience for your intended audience.


We've all heard the K.I.S.S. acronym - Keep It Super Simple. If you've spent any time lately shopping online or just surfing for some information, you know first-hand how taxing some websites can be on your eyes and brain. At Mind Squared Design, we believe you don't need to have any flashing graphics and extremely bold, contrasting color combinations to grab someone's attention. In fact, we believe that an over-active web page can push viewers away. We use good graphic design, color, and typography to create clean, clear websites for a pleasurable viewing experience.


The Internet is arguably the farthest reaching medium on the planet. Mind Squared Design believes that when you choose a medium with the largest audience possible - the Internet - you should make the effort to understand and reach out to as many viewers as possible. That's why at Mind Squared Design we pride ourselves on designing web pages that are accessible to disabled viewers. The bottom of this site has links to standards we focus on attaining.

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